HR Advisory

All businesses need HR support, particularly prevalent in these Covid times.  HRLegal can provide a retainer option for your business which will work in line with your strategy and business needs on a short or long term basis.

Some of our clients are looking to plan around a possible return to the office of their staff, advice on vaccination passporting, hybrid work models, how to manage effective communication planning with a hybrid workforce and how to re-engage the staff with the organisational culture and vision.  Some clients simply want an additional sounding board to sense check their thought process on their human resources or want some ongoing assistance with performance reviews, resource realignment, succession planning and other people related matters that have long term business impacts.

We are all experiencing the ongoing generational issues in the workplace with the newer, younger members of your teams wanting ongoing feedback and engagement whilst perhaps those more seasoned professionals want a more “hands off” management style.  HRLegal can work with your teams and advise and train them on what will work best for your business.

We can also work with you on a retained basis to work through a redundancy programme, a change in role or function for key staff members or a dispute that requires investigating and resolving, a disciplinary matter or a breakdown in relationship between some staff members or some of the management team.  Our commercial and experience led approach will ensure these contentious matters can be worked through without escalation.

As part of our retainer model we can re-evaluate contracts and handbooks if needed and update where required.