Una Clifford, Co-Founder at HRLegal

Dreary, dark November is a busy time for practitioners as matters grow in urgency before the end of the year. Employers are feeling the pressure to get demanding matters over the line before Christmas. Here are five of our top tips to ease expediency in the penultimate month of the year….

  • Create a December ‘Snag List’

Make a list of items that generally cause you and your team delay around December. These could be certain deliveries that are slow to arrive, or contracts that wind up at the end of the year. Ask for ideas from your team as to how to speed these up. Consider switching third party services now, rather than later, if your current arrangement is causing hassle.

  • Calendar analysis

Look ahead to January’s requirements and investigate if certain tasks could be resolved now, to ease pressure before December 24 – or, if possible, before January 1. Bills due to paid in January can catch us by surprise – see if you can make an advance payment now, while your schedule is open.

  • Keep your team motivated with low-cost, fun work events

November is usually a quiet month with many people needing to reign in spending, meaning, less fun to look forward to. Arranging a mid-month pizza lunch or payday coffee morning could go a long way in lifting spirits.

  • Acknowledge your team’s dedication after work hours

As the evenings get darker, employees start to work later and later in order to get end-of-year requirements over the line. If you see your team staying online for longer, or leaving the office after dark, don’t hesitate to mention it – ‘I saw you were in late getting X done – I really appreciate your effort there’.

  • Friday/Monday ‘Bookend Sessions’

Consult your department heads on their work on Friday mornings, and touch base with them on Monday afternoons. These time slots capture employees at their best – so these sessions help keep both employer and employee up-to-date with what needs to be done during the week.

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