Una Clifford, Co-Founder at HRLegal

As teams slowly move back to the office the employment relationship needs to readapt again. Employees managed to really quickly move to working from home as the global pandemic escalated, now employers want to see their office space humming again, their teams collaborating and a sense of what we knew as normal to return. However, eighteen months later, many of the same people now want a very different “normal”. 

The main issues for employers

As we move through this next business and change cycle employers will have many HR and resourcing issues to contend with, the most pertinent being:

  • Resignations – the jobs market is buoyant. Many companies are seeing attrition increase.
  • Safety – employers are unable to ask staff if they are vaccinated but how can they ensure other staff are safe?
  • Culture – how to re establish some sense of organisational culture that is “hybrid”?
  • Hiring – a lot of jobs are being advertised as remote… if you won’t do that will you still recruit the best talent for your team?
  • Outsourcing – the pandemic made us recognise that some core roles can be outsourced quite successfully but how to implement that?
  • Leading – how to equip managers with new skills to manage a hybrid workforce and maintain performance levels?
  • Training – now there is an official move back what about new hires.. will they start in the office or at home?
  • Staff Morale – change is always hard and a move back to the office can be hard to manage, how to go about this? 
  • Relationships – some staff have never actually met and some staff adapted better with a bit of distance… these scenarios will need tight management, how to?

Many of these issues can smooth over with a bit of common sense and HR expertise. Employers, use the above checklist in observing your team’s return to the new normal.

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