Welcome to HRLegal

HRLegal offers an on-demand access service, providing effective, consistent and practical advice on all human resource matters.

As part of the Leman Group, HRLegal offers an outstanding client experience by the most efficient means. At HRLegal we provide consistent, practical and commercially sound HR advice to employers.

Why HRLegal?

Every business, no matter what size needs HR assistance. Depending on the size of the organisation this may not need to be a full time person. At HRLegal we are here to assist with those day to day queries that you need, and you can be assured that the advice received will be commercially practical HR advice relative to your business.

We also recognise at HRLegal that the economy is changing daily, and that the needs of an organisation to keep up to date or indeed run an employment process can be difficult to manage. This is not only from a headcount perspective, but indeed knowledge of what can and cannot be done.

HRLegal will act as your external resource that offers an “internal” level of service through our experienced team and approach.  We can come to the office and support meetings with staff themselves or act as the HR representative at a meeting between the staff member and his/her manager.  We work to ensure all issues are diffused for both employer and employee calmly and professionally.

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